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Mr. Michael Clarke, Owner

Meet Chef Michael Clarke!

Mr. Michael Clarke has been in the food and beverage and Hotel industry for over 30 years.

Work Experience

1981 –  Worked as a waiter at the Pegasus Hotel in Jamaica while attending Catering School

1982 –  Worked as a waiter at the Michigan Grand Hotel

1983 –  Manager of Oceanna Hotel

1984  – Attended Training School at Tramaine Ltd also in Jamaica where he trained in Classical Food Preparation and attended another training course in US Meat Expert Federation two years later in 1986

1985 –  Worked as Executive Chef at the Sea Splash Resort in Jamaica

1990 – Training in Food and Beverage Cost Control in Jamaica

1991 – 1992 Executive Chef at Little Pub Restaurant in Jamaica

1993 – 2007 – General Manager of Villas by the Sea, Jamaica

2007 – Wine Training Course Somolier Program at the Professional Culinary Institute California.

2007 – 2010 – Migrated to St. Kitts where he worked as Executive Chef for Beaumont Park.

2010 – Member of the Board of Directors for Diamond Cut Restaurant Frigate Bay, Steak House.

2011 – Started Jam Rock Restaurant on the Frigate Bay Strip with current location now at South Friar’s Bay, Basseterre, St. Kitts.

2016 – New location at Frigate Bay

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